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Are you looking for a flexible and efficient approach to deliver value with your projects? Do you want to streamline your team's workflow and deliver high-quality results? Look no further! CREATEQ’s Scrum courses will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of Scrum, a popular framework for agile product and service development.

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Vladimir Jovanovic, PST
Vladimir Jovanovic
Certified Scrum trainer

Vladimir is one of the two officially certified trainers in Serbia. With years of experience practicing Scrum, he is ready to pass on the knowledge.

Professional Scrum Master I Certificate
PSM I Certificate
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We offer you the opportunity to obtain the official certificate, which is recognized worldwide and valued by many companies.

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After 20 years of software development following the Scrum framework, we decided to share our tricks of the trade.

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But what is Scrum?

Scrum is all about embracing change, collaboration, and iterative development. It offers a light structured and adaptable way to tackle complex projects, enabling teams to deliver valuable products with high quality and effectiveness. By dividing work into manageable units called "sprints," Scrum empowers teams to focus on short-term goals, continually learn from feedback, and make necessary adjustments along the way, while following the overall organizational direction. With Scrum, you can foster transparency, maximize productivity, and achieve exceptional outcomes.

Scrum is All about Collaboration

Scrum and Agile are pieces of the same pie, right?

Although a lot of people think these two words are synonymous, they represent two different things. There are lots of ways to „do“ Agile, but there still is not one standard in the whole industry. For different people and organizations Agile has a different meaning. For us, Scrum is one of the frameworks from which Agile was derived from in 2001. resulting in the Agile Manifesto for Software Development.

We use Scrum to become Agile, and in these specific terms:

Place focus on the value delivered by the Scrum teams.


Effectively deal with complex problems in the market.


Increase the organizations’ capability to adapt to ever-changing market conditions and opportunities.


Incorporate feedback loops for managing risk and increasing learning of the teams and organization.


Create a desired working environment for the employees.